Written Update for Molkki Today’s Episode 8th February 2021 Will Viren and Purvi keep their word?

On the 8th of February 2021, we have another written episode update for “Molkki.” Purvi orders a mattress for Virender at a 50% discount online, and he questions how she’ll find out about it, and she tells him that he can buy it from Mahan shop, where Purvi tells him that it’s inexpensive. Purvi is later mocked by Virender, who says she should order some brain. Mukhiya Ji leaves after the amusing talk, and Purvi wonders what she can say about Chaurasia.

Priyu tells Purvi that she overheard Vaibhav telling a group of people that “his plot is all set to seek revenge from Mukhiya Ji.” Both of them tell each other to look for themselves. Purvi tells the kids about their play, and Virender responds, “Come first,” but Purvi ignores him and instructs the kids to “give it their all and have fun.” Mama Ji arrives and tells the children to “come first,” but Virender interrupts him and repeats Purvi’s words. Manas and Juhi invite their parents to witness their play at school.

Children bully Manas and Juhi at school since their parents are not present to view their performance. Both the boy and his mother were upset and sad as a result of this. Juhi, on the other hand, reminds Manas of Haathi’s pledge. Purvi, on the other hand, is waiting for Virender, who is still in a meeting. Mana’s classmate, on the other hand, continues to tease him. Virender goes for school after finishing his meeting. However, Chaurasia’s thugs seized him and smashed his phone. They also smacked him with a rod.

Purvi is anxious about Virender because he can’t reach him on his phone. Virender was found unconscious on the road and taken to the hospital by a stranger. Meanwhile, the school tournament is about to begin. Purvi decides to take a lift after Deriver informs her that there is a problem with the car, and she notices a Scooty, which is the same Scooty used by the person assisting Virender. They used to run to the hospital when she sat on it. Here, check details about Molkki Watch Online.

Juhi and Manas’ time is coming up, and they’re hoping to meet their parents at the entrance gate. Virender and Purvi, on the other hand, are in the hospital. Purvi and Virender will later enter the school auditorium, greeting the students with a bright smile. Keep up with us by visiting our website for additional “Molkki” written episode updates. It airs Monday through Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Colors TV.

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